Every day floral

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Anyone who knows me knows I usually go for relaxed fashion. My every day uniform consists of denim, an easy tank and some sort of jacket, suit or cardigan. It’s just so effortless, and an easy choice when I’m in a mad rush in the mornings. I like flats but I carry a pair of heels in the car in case I need to make a switch.

Today’s outfit was another one of those “uniform” days. These…

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Tricks of the Trade: How to treat dark circles


I’ve had serious dark circles around my eyes for years, and have tried natural solutions (cucumber, potatoes) and different brands, but still no satisfactory results until now. I’m scared of laser treatments or anything of that kind. Could you suggest other ways that may be more effective? Thank you so much! —Michelle Fano

Dark circles around the eyes may as well be one of the most difficult…

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Bow and Wow

Sing and Rap like Bow and Wow #letstalkaboutpets #bowandwow


I can’t imagine my life without Lily, our shar peimix dog. Adopting her really was one of the best decisions I’ve made. Not only is she is sweet and smart, she is fiercely loyal and will go through great lengths to keep peace in the house (really, she barks and goes between me and Carlos during our “loud discussions”/fights). I’ve had her since 2007 and she has been a part of the family since.…

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Bold Blush

New outfit post: Bold Blush

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I love wearing blush and red together. It looks fun and unexpected, especially when paired with gold accessories. This button-down shirt from online store The Wardrobe (follow them on Instagram: @thewardrobeofficial) is such a classic piece. It became an instant favorite as soon as I tried it on. I wore it with these wine red denims from GUESS and black and white leather oxford shoes…

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Tricks of the Trade: 27-year-old wants to know how to prevent fine lines

Rag & Bone (9)

What cream can you recommend for under-eye wrinkles? If you can give other tips, too, that would be great. I’m 27 and kind of worried that they might get worse. Appreciate your help, thanks!—Sheena Enriquez

I am glad you want to start an anti-aging skincare regimen as early as now. Some women wait until their late 30s and early 40s, which may require more drastic measures and potent…

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Baby Shower for Nicole’s 2nd

Baby Shower for Nicole’s 2nd @mothercareph

It’s baby number two for my good friend Nicole Hernandez-de los Angeles! We planned a little party for her at The Wholesome Table, and as always, it was loads of fun catching up with these ladies. Nicole and I have been friends since I started modelling in 2001 (she started waaaaay before me–she was 13 years old when she did her first commercial!). We met through a model search (by the now…

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Sangobion #GoLoveLife Makeover Day

I generally like filling out forms. I think it’s fun when I am able to supply each question with a corresponding correct answer (haha I blame it on the obsessive compulsive gene that pushes me to be this way every day). Its structure appeals to me, which is why I fill out most of the forms for me and my husband (visa applications, bank application forms, even raffle coupons, that’s my thing).…

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Check mate

IMG_7096IMG_7167 IMG_7177IMG_7165IMG_7146I love wearing plaid. It is such a throwback to the 90’s, it transports me back to my teen years when grunge was all the rage. Of course, these days I prefer a more polished look, which is why I opted to pair this red plaid men’s shirt from GUESS with this black & white skirt from H&M. These heels are from Stuart Weitzman and my ring is also from H&M. I didn’t feel like accessorizing so much as…

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Tricks of the Trade: Shave, wax or laser—how to deal with underarm hair

Marni (5)

Hi. I’m wondering if you can help me. I’m 16-years-old and suddenly hair is growing where it shouldn’t (below my underarm, almost next to my breast). Can I shave it? I’m scared that if I do it will get worse! Do you have any advice? Also is it normal to grow hair there? ELLA

Before anything else, there’s no need to worry or panic. What you are experiencing right now is perfectly normal. Being a…

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