Tricks of the Trade: Steps to prevent the appearance of blackheads

Tricks of the Trade: Steps to prevent the appearance of blackheads

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HI, MISS KELLY! I’m 16 years old and I have a lot of blackheads. I mean a lot. I was wondering what are the solutions to my problem because it really frustrates me. Thank you.

Blackheads can be irritating to look at, especially when you use one of those magnifying mirrors. First of all, they’re dark and visible up close, which can hurt your confidence when someone draws attention to them.…

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Congratulations @TRESemmePH Salon Finish Extra Hold Hairspray for winning Best Styling Product in the Cosmo Beauty Awards 2014! 💗

Lovely lilac

New outfit post: Lovely lilac

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I don’t usually wear blazers, but when I saw this soft lilac blazer from Dorothy Perkins, I just had to get it. I’ve been obsessed with the color lilac since the beginning of the year, and I can’t seem to get enough of it. It is such a happy color, and it looks very clean and polished. I wore it with a v-neck t-shirt from Thread 365 (available at and black…

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Dove Daily Hair Vitamin

My hair is pretty healthy, I think. I shampoo and condition my hair regularly and apply a leave-in treatment weekly. Whenever I go to the salon for a cut and color I make sure to have my hair treated, and I have my ends trimmed every six weeks. I don’t really style my hair everyday, but when I do shoots for magazine editorials/features, or for print ads or TVCs my hair goes through a lot of…

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So happy I finally have you! 💗 Thank you @b777 for bringing this home with you. #jcrew #newbalance

Tricks of the Trade - Cheska Garcia-Kramer: Don’t just follow trends, know what works for you


I don’t know much about makeup, but I’ve always been interested in it. I am really keen on learning, but I have no idea where to start. It all seems so difficult. Do you have any tips on what makeup I should buy for my starter kit? Also, I love lipstick but I don’t know what brand to use and what shade will suit me. Please help. – Maureen

I think most of us can agree: Makeup can be intimidating.…

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Beyond the Box: Best deals for iPad mini

Beyond the Box: Get the best deal for the iPad mini with Retina display

BTB iPhone Case Sale

Woot! The best deal for the iPad mini with Retina displayis available at Beyond the Box. They are slashing off P4,000 on the 128GB and 64GB WiFi Cellular models, and P3,000 on the 32GB and 16GB WiFi Cellular models!!! This is a pretty sweet deal and we have until September 15, 2014 to get it! To top it off, Beyond the Box is offering super accessories that you can get FOR FREE with your…

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Bensimon D.I.Y.


These are probably the most low maintenance sneakers I’ve ever owned. You just slip them on and go. There’s no need to take care of them, as they are really easy to clean (a must in my book–blame it on my need to keep everything clean). To top it off, they are so comfortable. They’re the type of shoes you can wear every single day. I love how effortlessly cool the brand is, too. Bensimon prides…

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Be sure to check out online shoe brand @shoe_nga—they have pretty flats and sandals just like these! 💗

Its a mod, mod world

New outfit post: Its a mod, mod world

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There’s nothing like a bold graphic print to add an interesting spin to an otherwise plain outfit. This asymmetrical skirt from online store Before Twelve really made my outfit stand out (you may order from their Facebook account: or from Instagram: @beforetwelve); I paired it with a black sabrina neckline top from Thread365 (available at…

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