Overall, it looks good

New outfit post: Overall, it looks good

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I dont remember the last time I wore overalls, it might have been when I was nine. Funny how a trend you have never thought of in decades suddenly makes a comeback, and before you know it it’s back in your closet and you’re kind of itching to wear it. I love how much of a throwback this is to my childhood (and everyone else’s). It’s cute, definitely, but a little tricky to style. I found out…

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Tricks of the Trade: How to deal with extreme perspiration


Hi Kelly! I have excessive sweating in my palms and feet. Are there home remedies for my problem? Thanks!—Rena

Sweating is part of our daily lives. It is one of the “perks” of living in a tropical country, where each day could be hotter than the next and humidity is at high levels. But excessive sweating can be difficult and quite embarrassing to deal with. It’s the last thing we need,…

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Happy birthday to me!

Another year has passed. I turned 33 today and I couldn’t be happier. Plenty has happened in a span of one year.

Happy National Dog Day, Lily Bear! Thank you for your unconditional love! 💗💗💗 #nationaldogday

Myons French Mediterranean Cuisine

It was a one-of-a-kind dining experience: a seven-course degustation lunch that lasted for three hours. I have to admit, it was pretty amazing, especially since my husband and closest friends were also there to share this feast with me. There was plenty of kwentuhanand laughter that day, as expected, but the best part was really the food. It felt incredible to be served dish after dish after…

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Antony Morato

Shop S/S2014 collection now on www.pormada.com. All items are 70% off!

Tried out nail art at @idonailsservice today! Love my graphic print thumbnail haha. 💗 #nailart #lessismore

MYTH Lifestyle - Organika: Hopeless Romantic

Surely you’ve passed by MYTH Lifestyle‘s Greenbelt 5 store before. It’s hard to miss. It is one of the few stores that carries designer clothes in ready-to-wear sizes. In a lot of ways, this store is heaven-sent, especially for fashion-forward individuals who want to support and wear Philippine fashion but don’t have the time to have a design made for a specific occasion. While it is quite…

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TW Steel Slim Collection

TW-SteelThe new TW Steel Slim Collection: These are priced at P18,000 (for steel bezel with leather straps), P21,000 (for gold plated bezel with leather straps and steel bracelet watches) and P26,000 (for gold plated steel bracelet watches). 

When it comes to watches, TW Steel is pretty much a household name. It is known for its oversized watches, a signature design that made the brand recognizable from…

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Jumpsuit apparatus

New outfit post: Jumpsuit apparatus

IMG_7079 IMG_7064IMG_7050  IMG_7086 IMG_7032IMG_7075    IMG_7092I love jumpsuits. They’re stylish and easy to accessorize, and depending on its fit lends a look that’s relaxed, structured or sexy. Of course, the type of jumpsuits I prefer are the relaxed and easy ones. I like an outfit that allows me to move, as I usually need to run from meeting to meeting, and squeeze an event or two in between. Today’s OOTD can take me pretty much anywhere–from an…

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